Black Friday Outfit Inspiration

Lara currently has an assortment of clothes that would suit anyone for every special occasion. From a fancy night out with the girls, being the mother of the bride, or a birthday dinner dress. There are many different things to wear, but what styles are in? Well, with many styles and trends, there are many ways to look your best while feeling comfy and confident.


For my classy girls who want to make an entrance, if you plan on wearing heels, try for something a little simpler, a low-heeled shoe. Maybe not the most flirtatious, but it definitely would work well with multiple styles. Not only would it be easier to move around it, but it offers a way to even wear socks, saving your feet from potential blisters. Adding on, we today have started to look towards the past, adopting old vintage styles for higher fashion. These shoes are making a comeback, and I'd say they are definitely worth giving a try! You can do plain styled, but also add bold colors or incorporate intricate designs like ruffles or gems!

Whatever styles you choose, remember that you don’t always have to forfeit comfort to look your best!