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Homecoming is coming soon! Like every occasion we have, we always think it is so far away, meanwhile, when life continues, it pops up before we even realize it. This is a special time that everyone gets a chance to experience pre-prom with all grade levels. It’s a chance to meet new people and make lasting memories. It is a night to remember, so we want to make sure that your dress is one to remember too! 

What is your style? Do you prefer one color more than the other? Are you sparkly or simple? We want your dress to resemble who you are, so it is important to us for you to find the right dress. 

Homecoming is a time where you make impressions on each other, and being able to love the dress you are in makes it all the more easier to do so! What you wear can start a conversation and a lifetime of memories and friendships. Or maybe your dance moves will do that! 

Do you have a date? Match! Bring his or her tie in, and we can help you match perfectly and be the stars of the night! Are you going with friends? We have colors and styles for everyone, as we are sure you will find something unique and special to you. 

Dancing is a big part of the night, and comfort is definitely the key to that. That is why we have jersey lining in all of our dresses which allow you to move freely, yet still have that dazzle. The worst thing is wearing a dress that you love, but being so uncomfortable the whole night. As we all know, many people don’t even last with their heels, we don’t want the same thing to happen with your dress, so we have made sure that you will love the style and feel of the dress completely! 

Get ready to dance, sing, talk and eat - all throughout the night, all in your dress! We carry plus sizes in all of our short dresses as well, so there is no need to worry. We’ve got you covered!