Try On Wedding Dresses at Home!

We all have busy schedules and sometimes don’t have enough time to get to the store, so now it’s time to turn your home into a Bridal Boutique! Follow the steps below to make your At Home Bridal experience a breeze! 

Step 1: Set the Scene 
Pick your favorite spot in your home with the most natural light, and a large mirror. You don’t want any harsh lighting because that could give a different illusion to the dress. 
Cover your floor with a clean blanket or towel to protect the gown from getting dirty, and make sure you don’t have any drinks or food around the dress that could potentially spill onto the dress.
If you have a furbaby, we recommend keeping them far from your dress, because we all know accidents happen when we least expect it!
Lastly, make it fun! Invite a friend or two to help you with those hard to reach fastenings!
Step 2: Picture Your Look 
To make it easier to imagine, style your hair in a similar way that you would for your big day, in a softer, more manageable way. 
If you plan to wear undergarments, make sure they are nude!
Try to wear shoes similar, if not, the same height you plan to wear for the wedding.
Take off any jewelry that could possibly catch onto the dress. If you would really like to wear those types of accessories to help envision it more, just make sure that you put them on after you have tightened and zipped every part of the dress!
Step 3: Try Them On! 
Step into the gown if it has a back zipper, but pull it over your head if it has one on the side!
Always close the hook and eye, before zippering the gown. It will help ease the zippering process. 
Now, take a look! What do you like, and what do you dislike? 
Make notes on what you would like changed, because if you have found the perfect dress, but need some alterations, you know exactly what you need altered – this way it is made easier for both you and the seamstress.  
Step 4: Tailoring 
Fittings for your dress are time consuming, so make sure you plan this process with enough time ahead. Alterations usually require 3 fittings, over the time span of 8-12 weeks, so if you have a lot of changes in mind, plan accordingly!
Step 5: Storing Your Gown 
Store your gown in a breathable material for extra protection; a clean cotton bedsheet is perfect! 
Store it in a flat, dark and dry space.
If you want to hang your gown, make sure to use the garment loops located underneath the armhole on the inside of the dress. This will prevent your straps from stretching.
Step 6: The Big Day! 
One to two days before the wedding, take your dress out of storage and let it hang to release any wrinkles. Make sure that when you hang it, that it isn’t dragging on the floor, otherwise, make sure that there is a clean bed sheet underneath it. 
Finally, have your mom, or bridesmaids help you zip up! 
Step 7: Show the Love! 
Tag your photos on Instagram with #larabrides or @laradesigns – we would love to see you on your big day!