Trendy Prom Dresses 2021 And How To Find Them In NYC!

Hey all, we know you've probably begun your search for the perfect prom dress already. However, finding prom dress stores in NYC can be difficult. Read below to get a few recommendations on stores we love!
Are you ready for a memorable Prom 2021 ?
For planning a perfect prom, all you have to do is watch out for these trends below. Many stores in NYC carry a range of reputable brands but finding them can be difficult.
As you already know prom 2020 is approaching fast and if you will be attending prom this upcoming year then you'll know it's never too early to start dreaming about your prom dress. Some of your friends may have already picked theirs! 
However, to really get ahead of prom trends in 2020, you need to first be comfortable in what you choose. You should always consider your own taste and style. Keeping all these aspects in mind we want to make sure that you don't miss any trend before you shop.
These are the 5 trends/classics you need to know about before you shop for your prom dress.
#1 The classic ballgown 
Classic A-line gorgeous ballgown dress 
This prom 2020 you are going to find the new fresh look for prom ballgowns. If wearing fitted and tight dresses is not your vibe ! You can check the A-line classic silhouette much like a princess-style shape, this gorgeous style will make you feel very formal and dressed-up.
#2  Check Reds
Reds for prom 2020
Red is a hot color for prom nights. To capture the prom look go for glamours and elegant streamline silhouettes. As you already know Red will make you feel sexy. Take inspiration from the Red carpet events for hair and make-up and all you need to do is style it with the perfect accessory.
#3 One with metallic shine
Ready to go silvers 
Gold and silver are two major colors that can't go out of style. The most popular color tones are gold, silver, gunmetal and rose gold. Add them in full dress length or just as embellishments, and you will not regret it. Metallic prom dresses are considered perfect for the prom. These dresses will add to you even with minimal makeup.
#4 Play with the lace
Can't miss the tulle lace combination
Laces have gained the popularity in the market because of the delicacy and the soft girly vibe it gives. Tulle in addition makes it more graceful. Try for these dresses you won't go wrong.
#5  Beaded embroidery details
That glittery shine 
Nothing is wrong with the plain ones! But if you want to be EXTRA the beading/sequence embroidery is on trend. Look stunning by having some embroidery touch ups in a fully beaded gown.
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Recommended stores to shop your prom dresses in NYC:
~ New York Dresses, Midtown Manhattan
~ Oz Boutique, Forest Hills
~ Chez Moi Studio, Forest Hills
~ B&B Couture in Manhattan
And of course, last but not least! Come visit our Lara Dress showroom in Midtown Manhattan. You can make an appointment online for a free fitting where we'll give you an update on all our favorite trends and styles on Prom 2020. You'll also receive your measurements so even if you don't decide to buy a dress from us, you'll at least know your measurements to shop online!