Wedding Guests


Attending weddings any time of the year is always fun because it gives you an excuse to dress up! Depending on the location, theme, and people, the dress you wear and how embellished it is, is decided! 

Deciding what you what to wear, can be very stressful and time-consuming, but if you have the details and information about the location or theme, then you’re in luck! That is half of the battle because then you simply narrow down your choices without doing much of the work. Typically, the bride and groom help a lot with this.

But in some cases, more so in the recent years, people are given much more freedom in choosing what they can wear. Many want their guests to love what they’re in, and to feel special too! Therefore, they give them the freedom to choose what they want, and as nice as this is, it can make the shopping process much more difficult. 

As fashion has evolved throughout time, many classic designs such as the little black dress will never go out of style, but weddings have become larger than they were in the past, leading a lot of the dress styles to be much more extravagant, and embellished. So, although the little black dress is always a go-to staple, now being in 2022, brides typically want their guests to wear a little more sparkle! In those cases, we have you covered! 

We have specialized in beaded gowns for over 25 years and continue to design styles that live forever. Adding some sparkle to your wardrobe is a must and a definite show stopper. You can be subtle with sparkles, or loud and dramatic, whatever style you pick tells a story and says a lot about who you are.