What should I wear to my daughter’s wedding?

Shopping for the right dress for your daughter's wedding day is about more than the dress. Spending time together is what makes the wedding so special. 
Rather than adding it to the list of "Things To Do" before the wedding, this should be something you both look forward to. Sharing your thoughts and ideas of the style you most prefer can be super helpful. She may already have some things in mind of what she wants you to wear, in relation to the color or style to make sure no one clashes! 
After you both choose the dress of your dreams, take a few moments to connect and talk. Perhaps you will exchange some meaningful advice, or maybe a sentimental gift. Either way, all of the moments together are what make the day so special and memorable. 
If you are still looking for help on finding the best dress, chat with us on Lara.com for some inspiration! We wish you all the best!