Reasons to chose LARA!

“Your clothing not only affects how other people view you, it also changes how you view yourself, or more precisely how you view the world, according to a recent study.” (ananya-bhattacharya)

Clothing can really boost and empower one’s actions. It is crucial that women's clothes must make ladies feel like women and must acknowledge that their power house is their gender and we must not do anything to make it less prominent. Lara dress details will only enhance the areas that differentiate a woman from the opposite gender using lace, embellishments, costume jewelry shimmer, glitter and many others to beautify it in a feminine way. We carry dresses that hug and embrace every curve of the woman’s body and the received attention declares their desirability. Lara has the perfect dresses for weddings, bride, bridesmaids, prom, birthdays, galas and many other occasions for different body types to petite, tall, fuller body, plus sizes and numerous other types. Lara brings you dresses in bright deep color like emerald, burgundy, black, blue and purple to neutrals like white, beige, gold and silver. Our dresses come in different lengths from thigh length to knee length and floor length ball gowns. Lara’s clientele is from all over the world that demand different styles. Some love to show off some skin with backless, deep necklines, sleeveless and high slits while others are slightly modest and desire to wear fully covering long dresses. Despite the era, evening wear has always been a massive part of almost all the ladies’ closet for special occasions with twists of current fashion trends.