How we make dresses at Lara: a Thread.

Step 1: Research

The very first step includes discovering the type of dresses we wish to tailor, sometimes as per the occasion, for example, cocktail, prom, bridal, and mother of bride/groom. Each type uses a different design, material, number of layers which makes this stage a bit tricky. However, our designers at Lara do this step quite seamlessly.

Step 2: Design

Designing includes brainstorming with ideas and design of the dresses, whether it's an A-line or a ball gown. Everyone from the committee has a discussion on each new idea & dress, to the very details. At this stage, the designer is now has a clear vision of which material should be used to make a certain gown.

Step 3: Details

Once the overall design of the dress is done, details like material and pattern, intricacies as to which beads or pearls to be added to the dress are discussed.

Step 4: Pattern Making

Next step of the designing process is tracing the template on a paper, which goes onto the material when a design is final, before being cut and assembled. 

Step 5: Final Pattern

The final design templates from paper are now used to transfer markings them onto the fabric. Each dress can have multiple fabric, sometimes more than 3.

Step 6: Cutting the Pattern & Making Draft

The traces from above step which were on the fabric are now cut and a draft or a prototype of the dress is put together. This is not just a sample fabric, the one which will be sent for testing on a model.

Step 8: Test the fitting

The draft dress is now tested on a model for size, fit, and any other errors that might occur. If everything looks perfect, the same process is used to make dresses of different sizes taking the draft as a point of reference. 

Step 9: Choosing the Material

When it comes to making final dress with real fabric, it needs to be very precise since final pieces which will be cut, will be later put together as a real dress. 

Step 10: Tailor final garment

Once cutting the right shapes & sizes is done, we begin to sew them all together. A final design of a dress starts coming to picture and are now out in the stores for sale.