Picking the Perfect Bridal Style



Whether your wedding dreams started when you were just a little girl, or after the proposal, it is important to love every aspect of your special day. So many things go into planning this part of your life, and we all want it to be perfect. 

Loving the dress you are in and how you feel will dictate the entirety of your day! You should fall in love with your dress and never want to step out of it. There are so many styles to choose from and so many talented designers who can see your vision and make it become a reality. 

There are six different styles that a very popular among brides in recent years. Classic, Romantic, Boho, Modern, Glamorous and Non-Traditional.

Classics are very popular - this is the perfect look for the bride who never wants her dress to go out of style. She wants it to last forever without any changes. Think of it as the Little Black Dress - you can never go wrong with it and you will never be out of style. 

Romantic is a soft, whimsical style that gives you a very pure look. It goes well with Spring and Summer weddings. It gives off a delicate vibe that is very feminine and specific to you. How you style the dress, your hair, and makeup are all up to you, but it gives you a lot of flexibility to work with. You can dress it down or up and look beautiful either way. 

Boho styles get a bad reputation, simply because people think it means flower crowns and nothing more. You can wear flower crowns, but that isn’t what the whole style consists of. It is a carefree vibe, with loose ends - not literally. It is another soft look with a little more structure in the design. It’s flowy, yet specific and goes stunningly with Autumn weddings. The aesthetic fits those with the love for barn weddings and more country-flavored tastes. 


The Modern dress is fit for the bride looking for a sophisticated and clean look. Someone who craves details and who is the “less is more” girl. It is a sleek statement and easy to spot. Adding to the very minimalistic style, it is fun to accessorize the dress with sleek hairpins or bold statement earrings. If you like your makeup to stand out and love a colored lip, then this is definitely the style for you. 

A glamorous style is always fun to play with. Do you see yourself as a movie star? A red carpet type of girl? Then having a glamorous style is right up your alley. It can offer drama in so many ways! With feathers, beads, sparkles, sequins, etc. You can never have enough! 

Non-Traditional Styles are always easier to find because you have so many more options than everyone else! You have all the colors to choose from and many more styles. Not that you are limited with the other styles above, but you definitely have a lot more to work with, especially if you have no guidelines! 

The most important thing is that you should feel confident in whatever you choose to wear! It is your day, and your time to shine!