What Is Your Style?


Do you have a specific style that you are always drawn to? Do you know what looks best on you, or do you shop for whatever catches your eye? Well, it is fun to shop either way, but we all know that when we discover what flatters us the most, we feel our best.

We like to make sure that everyone has a style here at Lara. We take pride in our designs and cater them to fit everyone’s needs.

Do you prefer a sparkly dress, or a plain one? Do you like short, or long dresses? Either way, we have you covered. We have specialized in beaded dresses for the past 25 years, and now we are including more simple styles with less glitz and glam, as many people have requested.

If you do not know your style, then let us help you at Lara! Schedule an appointment with us so we can help! We want you to find your perfect dress and be happy with every aspect of the design, so finding what flatters your body type is very important.

Look for trends within your everyday wear. What is your style of daily clothing? Do you like sleeveless shirts? What necklines do you wear the most? Do you have a lot of one color? These are questions that will help you identify your true style, no matter what genre of clothing you choose.

Let us know online when scheduling your appointment so we can do our best to help you find your perfect dress.

Until then, stay warm and healthy!

Lara Designs.