Fall 2022 Mother of the Bride Colors

As we all know, the prime chosen time for weddings is usually in the warmer months, Spring or Summer, but people sometimes forget about the beauty at other times of the year. Due to the high demand of warmer weddings, the costs aren’t very minimal. For the Fall and Winter seasons though they have been seemingly more practical amongst all wedding preparation.

Popular Fall Wedding Themes

Once summer ends, people count down to their first pumpkin spice latte, boots, flannels and sweet candles! What better way to kick off Fall than with all of these things, but even better…your wedding! Having a wedding during this time allots for so many choices. Trendy themes include a rustic/country style, which is more relaxed giving your guests more flexibility on what to wear to your special day! This theme is usually accommodated by earthy and muted color palettes which mix easily with this type of venue, giving almost an effortless sense of style.

Garden Weddings are also very popular during the Fall and winter season. It is perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony, not too hot, not too cold, but just enough of both to make it an ideal romance. Popular colors include pumpkin, sage, lavender, etc. You have many options for such a theme!

If we talk about tradition, many of which include being indoors, and having the celebration in a hotel, or ballroom that allows people to dance and have fun after the ceremony. This type of indoor venue of course, could include a theme too! And in this case, you can really choose anything and have no limit, because you can create any scenery you want. You want a warmer wedding, no problem, take everyone to the beach with your beautiful color palette, centerpieces, music and so much more, it really is full of endless possibilities.

To fit your fall or winter theme, we have listed some colors that would work with both.

1. Earth tones - are perfect for any mom who wants to walk with elegance and blend in beautifully with the color scheme. Earth tones are always a go-to because they never overpower anything too much, yet, they are always timeless. This is style 29360, it is a chic yet classy look.


2. Wine or Burgundy - are two colors that give a strong sense of style. It is a color that you can easily pair with others, such as blush, ivory, gold, etc. All of which provide a beautiful contrast. This is style 29369, perfect for any mom that wants to show her figure, but still have some volume within the dress. 



3. Natural Green - is definitely a bolder look that still is manipulable to almost any fall palette. It is perfect for the garden theme, or even the rustic theme as well if you take on a darker and deeper hue. This is style 29349, great for any mom who wants to make an entrance.


4. Purple - another color that goes well with both themes. It can be paired with ivory, grey, beige, tan, coffee, and so forth. Once again, you can always play with the shades giving it more of a prominent look versus, a soft and subtle look. This is style 29602, perfect for the mom who wants to show her figure and be bold.



5. Warm colors - this is what we like to associate with Fall and fire! Deep reds, apricot, mustard yellow, gold, all give off a warm vibe and allow for many options. If you chose a rustic theme, the Mother of the Bride/Groom would have an easy time finding a dress, not only because the colors are always around, but they would also blend seamlessly with all of your choices. This is style 29633, perfect for any mom who wants to have a dramatic look with great coverage.