Here at last

friday the 18th

Our long awaited project, launches for Spring/Summer 2023! After years of preparation, we are pleased to announce that Friday The 18th will begin shipping by January 15th, 2023.

Friday The 18th

    Enter Friday The 18th, the latest passion project by Lara created to empower women to feel brazen in the way they choose to dress themselves. The inspiring women behind Lara have worked countless hours to launch this collection of shimmering sequin dresses with intricate styling. Built for comfort with stretch beaded tulle, these dresses are also designed with femininity in mind. Our beaded gowns are created with over thirty years of experience and after years of work in the Bridal & Mother of the Bride industry, we finally launch this collection for women looking to have a bit more fun. 



    Collection created by Jasmine Singh and Jaslene Sawhney.