Trendy Ways To Style Your Dress!

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Today I am sharing some ideas about different ways to style your evening wear dress.
When it comes to upcoming celebration with your friends, family or coworkers you have to create a balanced and planned look for yourself. A Dress that features glamorous, yet comfortable look and sometimes needs to be perfect for formal and semi-formal events.
Here are some collection of tips that can give you some astonishing shine and helps you to standout your personality.
~ The right accessories can really improve a look. You’d be surprised at how far a beautiful necklace or belt can take you. Ultimately, take care to ensure the attire you choose it should make you feel beautiful and confident. Check these adorable style ideas below :
Lovely styling by @olgamurch in @laradesign dress and
earpiece by @olyavologdina
And accessories just doesn't mean jewellery let me tell you the crystal hand bags / clutch bags are in trend.
Styling with  diamond clutch bags <3 <3
~ Is it a right bun ?  As you all know hairstyle also has a important part in completing your outfit. so the general rule is, necklines that are elaborate needs to be pulled away from the face. Pulled back dress allows us to appreciate the dress.
Want more hairstyle tips? - Contact @eringrahmhair on Ig ( gorgeous hairstyles in Lara dresses )
Don't you think longer dress lengths needs more traditional and modest styles while shorter dresses, well, are designed to tempt all the boys. Thanks to @thekewshop for sharing these wonderful tips.
~ Layering is a game.  An opulent ball gown made of silk or satin can be paired with an elegant blazer or cardigan. You can also try layers with a floor-length ball or column gown.
Cocktail dresses aren’t the best choice in cool weather but still you can layer them with heavy fur jackets (Check below for example). If you combine a floor-length dress with a light jacket, you’ll have the best of both worlds. 
Layer your cocktail piece with fur jacket to stand out in your party. This one is the beautiful piece from @laradesign collection !
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