Do you like a little extra coverage? Or are you always cold when you are at a formal event? It’s common to feel this way, but not always easy to find accessories to accompany this issue. Finding the right color and style is always a challenge, especially when the store you got your dress from doesn’t have what you’re looking for. 

Luckily, you have come to the right place. We have a new line of accessories that are perfect to pair with your dress. Our shawls and capes have beautifully embroidered appliques with the perfect balance of coverage and design. Sometimes you just need a little weight on your shoulders to keep the chills away and that’s what we have designed for you!

Our accessories are made with a soft tulle that compliments the dress you are wearing. It is soft and subtle and doesn’t take away the beauty of your already existing dress. They are solid colors, not solid materials, so it gives you a lot of room to play with the style you want to portray.

We have shawls ranging from short sleeves to long sleeves, so depending on what you are looking for, you have many options. Our capes can enhance a dress, or again, give you the coverage that you are seeking. It all depends on you and your desire.

No matter the occasion, time of year, or weather, shawls, and capes are always in style and can be managed in any way. Where it for fashion, or wear it for warmth, either way, they are beautiful!  

These accessories are very common with Mother of the Brides or Grooms as many like the coverage on their arms and lower back. If they are wearing a fitted dress but don’t want to show everything, these are perfect to accessorize with. Or if the dress doesn’t have sleeves but everything else they want, these accessories can be of great benefit.