Picking the Perfect Cocktail Dress!

Cocktail dresses are perfect for so many occasions and sometimes, it can be so hard to pick which one you like best! The endless thoughts that fill your head, like - “I cannot wear it for the wedding, but I could wear this to my best friend’s birthday party! Or this is perfect for going to the club, but I came here to shop for a wedding…” So many possibilities and so many options! That is why we are here to help you pick the perfect cocktail dress!

Determining your body shape plays a key role in determining the style that compliments you. If you have a pear body shape, finding something that accentuates your shoulders would be very flattering. If you have an hourglass figure, something that hugs you around the waist is definitely a good pick! 

Rectangular shapes are typically common in athletes. Finding a dress with a sweetheart neckline will add curvature to your upper body and a peplum will accentuate your hips, giving a curvier look.

The inverted triangle is the opposite of the pear shape. This is when the shoulders are larger than the hips. For this body type, it is recommended to choose a dress that has a v-neckline, or skinny straps. Avoiding off the shoulder, or strapless necklines will be beneficial if you are looking to balance the top and bottom half of the body. 

Extra weight on the top half of the body, around the stomach and bust area, is known as the apple figure. Many try to disguise this shape with an oversized garment, but you should show off your curves! To balance your body out, you can get something with a full skirt, while also having a v-neckline to flaunt the cleavage. 

Now, these are not rules for you to follow, but if you are looking to find something specific to your shape, then using these guidelines with help you determine a style that best suits you!


If you just simply love the dress you see in the window, go for it! Do not worry about all the technicality behind the decision. All our dresses range in sizes from 0 to 24, so just determine if you love the dress or not, try it on, then, go from there! Shopping is so much fun either way and we want you to walk away with the dress you truly love!